East Grinstead is proud to be a Fairtrade town.

East Grinstead is proud to be a Fairtrade town.

Fairtrade East Grinstead




We were founded in 2005, as an East Grinstead Town Council initiative, and have always operated independently since. East Grinstead is recognised as a Fairtrade Town, a status conferred by the Fairtrade Foundation and which we hope will continue, assisted by our own activities. Our purpose is to raise local awareness of Fairtrade labelled products, encourage local shops, schools & businesses to sell and stock these, and to represent the Fairtrade movement through local town fairs and community events.


East Grinstead is a Fairtrade Town, one of 500 towns, boroughs and villages, in the UK recognised by the Fairtrade Foundation.

By buying Fairtrade products in East Grinstead and supporting our activities you can bring about positive change and make a difference. Being a Fairtrade town boosts civic pride and offers an opportunity to act and celebrate together.

Next meeting on Thursday 26th January at 5pm at Imberhorne Upper School, Imberhorne Lane, East Grinstead.


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