Tree vandalism

Tree vandalism

The Town Council have discovered a vandalised tree in their grounds which will require felling due to the extent of the damage.

The tree was discovered on 15th June and the damage would have occurred at some point during the previous day or so. The tree which is decades old has been stripped of bark along one side and a log was used to batter the exposed tree. The extent of the damage suggests this was a deliberate, methodical and sustained piece of criminal damage committed by one or more than one person.

The tree alongside the East Court War memorial but on the grounds owned by the Town Council has been inspected by a tree surgeon who has stated that the extent of the damage is irreparable and the tree will have to be felled.

Cllr Adam Peacock, Chairman of the Amenities and Tourism Committee said “This is very sad, but also infuriating that person or persons felt they had the right to vandalise the tree in this manner. The tree is owned by the Town Council who will now have to pay for the removal and replanting of a new tree at the tax payers expense. The cost to the environment is so much more. We are angry that someone would destroy a tree in this way. We have had some incidents of criminal damage on the estate, of which this is the worst, in the past few weeks. It is not free land and everyone else will have to pay to replace and repair damage done”

The Council has reported the matter to the police as criminal damage and ask if anyone has knowledge as to who was responsible to share this with the Police or the Council who will consider pressing charges unless recompense can be made.

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