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Back to the gol-den days. New East Grinstead Nursery needs your help to build a World record

Back to the gol-den days. New East Grinstead Nursery needs your help to build a World record

Back to the gol-den days – New East Grinstead nursery needs your help to build a world record


Remember the carefree days of creating forts out of bedsheets as a child? Well a new local nursery is asking parents and their children to do just that, by taking part in a special den-building world record attempt.


To mark its Enrolment Day on Saturday 18 January, the newly launched Busy Bees East Grinstead, on Moat Road, is inviting the community to join hundreds of people across the country taking part in a record-breaking attempt. This follows research from Busy Bees which found that building dens is one of the best things about being young.


So, for local mums and dads wanting to revisit happy childhood memories, or children wanting to explore their imagination, this nursery is opening its doors for its Enrolment Day from 10am-4pm, where den building and other fun activities will be on offer.


The brand-new nursery has been designed to create a bright, airy and spacious environment. Fully fitted with state-of-the-art equipment, Busy Bees East Grinstead offers care for children aged 0-5 years. As well as a nursery tour, the open event will offer parents and children the chance to get to know staff, sample food prepared by the nursery’s in-house chef, and take a look at the great resources available onsite.


Alex Peacock, Centre Director at Busy Bees East Grinstead said: “Our Enrolment Day is a wonderful opportunity for local people to pop in and find out more about our brand new nursery – and this one is set to be really special with our world record attempt.


“Choosing a nursery is a hugely important decision for parents. They want to find the best environment that is going to help their child develop and thrive in their earliest years. That’s why open events like these are so important; we want to give parents and children the opportunity to familiarise themselves with our nursery and get to know the team, as well as ask any questions they might have.


“We’re looking forward to meeting local families and bringing everyone together to join in with our den-building world record attempt and other fun activities on Saturday 18 January – we hope to see you there!”


A study by Busy Bees of 1,000 children under 11 found that building dens, jumping in puddles, climbing trees and dressing up are some of the best things about being a child.


Getting presents, feeling loved by parents and school holidays are also considered the greatest, while building towers, creating things out of empty boxes and getting a visit from the Tooth Fairy also feature in the top 40 list.

Specifically designed to support its child-centred approach, Busy Bees East Grinstead promotes the development of creativity, individuality and self-confidence in each child, and works in partnership with parents to provide the highest standard of nursery care.


To book your place at Busy Bees’ nursery Enrolment Day, visit: busybees.com/ed

For more general information about Busy Bees East Grinstead, visit www.busybeeschildcare.co.uk/nursery/east-grinstead





  1. Getting presents at Christmas
  2. Feeling loved by your parents
  3. Being really excited about Christmas
  4. School holidays
  5. Being really excited about birthdays
  6. Being outdoors
  7. Having lots of friends
  8. Making dens
  9. Jumping in puddles
  10. Everything is fun
  11. Getting to explore
  12. Riding your bike around
  13. Watching TV as soon as you got in from school
  14. Trying new things
  15. Getting a visit from the tooth fairy after losing a tooth
  16. Getting treats whenever the grandparents came round
  17. Having birthday parties with the whole class
  18. Always having energy
  19. Days out with school or nursery
  20. Playing traditional party games – musical statues, musical bumps, Simon says
  21. Playing games whenever and for however long you wanted
  22. Going to water parks on holiday
  23. Not having to work
  24. Building sandcastles
  25. Sleepovers
  26. Having a great imagination
  27. Making new friends easily
  28. Making paper airplanes
  29. Playing with playdough
  30. Playing with your siblings
  31. Feeding ducks in the park
  32. Playing dress-up whenever you want (not only on Halloween)
  33. Being free to climb trees
  34. The excitement of hearing the ice-cream van
  35. Going on roller coasters
  36. Using an empty box to create countless games
  37. Getting piggy backs
  38. Asking any questions, you like, to anyone you want
  39. The excitement riding public transport – trains, buses etc
  40. Being carried to bed by your parents

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