The Big Reveal 2016

The Big Reveal 2016

I thinks it’s fair to say that this year’s Big Reveal was celebrated by a veritable throng, as East Grinstead erupted into a spontaneous street fair, with everyone jostling for position to get the best views of the truly amazing window displays along the old Historic High Street.

The crowds began forming at the War Memorial on the High Street and shortly after 5pm, moved off to the first window to be revealed…

The Library!  …followed by Bull Frog Music, The Mug Tree, Pets Paradise and….

library big-reveal-001 big-reveal-002 big-reveal-011

…then on to the High Street…

big-reveal-004 big-reveal-003 big-reveal-007

To Broadleys and back…

big-reveal-008 big-reveal-012 br4 big-reveal-022

big-reveal-010 big-reveal-018 barbers big-reveal-019 big-reveal-020

East Grinstead, you did yourself proud…massive pat on the back for everyone who joined in the Christmas Spirit…

br3 br1 marketsq br5 middlerow emma

big-reveal-017 br2 broadleys polarbearbookshop zara crowd

The Best In Show was Emma Louise and then Coles Estate Agents, quickly followed by Middle Row Barbers…but, you know, you’re all winners in our book…

…see you this time next year…and don’t forget The Christmas Family Festival on Sunday December 4…Happy Christmas!

ps…thank you to Andrew Busby for your pictures…

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