East Grinstead Town Council : The Silent Soldiers.

East Grinstead Town Council : The Silent Soldiers.

In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the end of WW1 two silhouettes have appeared in East Grinstead High Street.  The Silhouettes mark all those who went to war in 1914-1918 but did not return.  East Grinstead Town Council have sponsored two of these which are currently sited in the High St Flower beds flanking the War Memorial.

The silhouettes are the idea of the Royal British Legion who have sent letters to Parish Councils in Sussex asking that they purchase and display the silhouettes this year.

One of the sentries will remain at the War Memorial while the other may travel around the town to highlight activities or events marking the end of the war throughout the year. At the end of 2018 the soldiers will be permanently displayed in East Court.

Cllr Adam Peacock Chairman of the Amenities and Tourism Committee commented that “the Silhouettes make it clear that East Grinstead has never forgotten the sacrifice of the war and this tribute tying in with other events this year shows that East Grinstead continues to support the Royal British Legion and the Poppy Appeal, 100 years later.  As a town we have been careful to ensure, over the past 4 years, that we have respectfully yet appropriately brought many poignant anniversaries to the attention of East Grinstead residents in the 21st Century”

The East Grinstead War Memorial Flower beds will be planted in May, representing the anniversary of the end of the war, the special display for 2018 will be in place through to November (Armistace day).

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