Millennium Stone & Meridian Line

Millennium Stone & Meridian Line

Meridian Line MarkerThe Millennium Year 2000 was marked by the placing of a beacon just near East Court Mansion and by the installation, on the Meridian Line, of a large block of unworked ironstone supplied by nearby Phillpots quarry, West Hoathly. In addition, terracotta markers were placed through the grounds to mark the Meridian Line.

It is also used as a meridian marker. Passers by are encouraged to touch the stone and wear it away so that over time it will be transformed. The stone was formed from iron and weighed 11.5 tonnes when it was left.

There is also a plaque on the stone which says:

This stone is not only a monument to the Year 2000 but also a tribute to the town’s people, particularly our children and a reminder that they are our future. It is here to be enjoyed, touched and worn away by human contact. I hope that it will transform as a result of our existence.

-Liza Jane Stumbke

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